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Landmax Tyre Clients Are Our Partners

Landmax Tyre sees the value in long-term relationships built on trust. Our team is trained to be an extension of our client’s teams. We frequently visit our clients and host clients in China relationships have consequently been winners.

Take Pride In Our Responsiveness

Landmax places extreme importance on service before and after the sale; it also provides certificates for importing into most countries. Thus, the total cost of ownership, from maximizing the container space to lowering the logistics cost, is critical to our success. Also, our logistic team always works with several shipping companies to ensure the shortest delivery time with the lowest price.

Total Service Provider

Landmax can mix serval kinds of tyres and wheels in one delivery, provide tyre and wheel assembly services, and offer a wide range of tyres with wide sizes and patterns for most applications with applicable certifications. Those services are support to wholesalers and vehicle service stations with favourable comments.

OEM/Private Brand Protect You In Market

Landmax has good experience supporting OEM Tyre & Wheel projects, making a private brand, and developing tyres and wheels to meet market needs. 

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One-Stop Solution Provider For Your Tyre & Wheel Needs

New Products

Sports & Touring Tyres

Landmax offers a comprehensive range of tires for various sports and travel applications, including ATVs, UTVs, monster trucks, go-karts, golf carts, scooters, bicycles, and motorcycles. Our tires feature advanced technology, providing exceptional protection and durability for leisure and sports activities. We’re passionate about delivering the highest quality and most innovative tires in the market, with a diverse selection of sizes and tread patterns that cater to different vehicles and terrains. Whether for racing, recreation, sports, or leisure, Landmax remains a leading tire design and performance brand, offering signature tyres perfect for sports and leisure purposes.

Make You Exciting, Health & Safety!

OTR Tyre for Dumper, Loader, Stacker, Container Handler & More

Especially an OTR Tyre specialist company, we deliver the industry’s most comprehensive selection of radial and bias OTR tyres for various vehicles. Hence we have good experience in supporting partners’ furthermore needs,

Agricultural Tyre for Tractor, Trailer, Irrigation & More

Landmax has a full range of agricultural tyres such as tractor rear/front, industrial tractor, implement flotation, Irrigation, paddy use, multi-purpose and agricultural trailer tyres, therefore as well as farm season needs.

Forestry Tyre for Log Loader, Trailer & More

Landmax offers various forestry tyre sizes, including forestry flotation tyres. We have been manufacturing quality forestry tyres for every job, condition, and machinery, such as Grapple skidders, Grapple loaders, wheel skidders, track skidders, etc.

Industrial Tyre for Forklift, Skid-Steer, Industry Turck & More

Our Core products are industrial tyres, and competencies industrial tyre specializes in Material Handling, and Construction tires and tracks for small to medium-duty equipment, including small pallet jacks, forklifts, loaders, skid-steers, boom lifts, and Scissor lift tyres.

TBR Tyre for Hevy Truck, Bus, Trailer & More

Landmax is one of the TBR tyre suppliers in China with the most complete specifications and patterns of radial truck tyres in China. Our tyres have obtained certificates of CCC, ISO9001, TS16949, DOT, ECE, E-Sound, GCC, SASO, etc.

PCR Tyre for Car, SUV, HUV, 4WD, Light Truck & More

Supply a wide range of PCR to the world with 16 years of experience in the tyre industry, and a pioneer in private labelling is proud to introduce our passenger car tyre. We can supply more than 600 sizes and patterns, with speed ratings from V, W, Y to Z

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