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LANDMAX Tyres For Making Progress Artists, Always

LANDMAX Tyres are the top choice for any vehicle that needs reliable and robust tyres! Whether you are driving a truck, bus or automobile or operating machinery in agricultural, forestry or industry sectors – Landmax have perfect high-performance tyres for your needs. Knew worldwide for its strong focus on quality, ensuring every tyre produced can easily handle the most challenging conditions.

If you move often on a challenging road or need something that lasts, LANDMAX Tires will not let you down! With deep commitments toward excellence, they are dedicated to providing tyres that perform well and last longer, helping you confidently move forward, no matter where the journey takes you!

Landmax Tyes OTR Tyres

Mining, Construction, Port Handling Tyres

Our company specialises in providing top-quality OTR (Off-The-Road) tyres that are perfect for a wide range of vehicles. We understand how crucial reliability and performance are to you, especially when facing challenging environments. Our team is committed to ensuring that every tyre we offer meets the highest quality and durability standards so you can drive confidently, no matter the terrain. Over the years, we’ve earned our clients’ trust by consistently exceeding expectations and focusing on what matters most: their satisfaction. When you choose our tyres, you’re not just buying a product—you’re gaining a partner dedicated to keeping your vehicles moving forward, even under the most challenging conditions. Trust us to help you tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Products: OTR Tyres

Articulated Truck Tyre LMX116 (E3)

Bias Ply Tires LME3A (E3,L3)

Compactor Tire R-3

Construction Tires LMG2 (G2,L2,R4)

Crane Tyre LMX125 (IND4)

Tractor, Implement Trailer, Flotation Tyres

Landmax Tyres has been providing a wide range of unpredictable and workable tyres that are hopelessly designed for necessary farming. Are you using a tractor in a field? An industrial tractors have for heavy-stuff tasks! Trailer for move agricultural products, our been providing a wide range of unpredictable and workable tyres that are designed hopelessly for farming tyres it makes, top performances and durability. It is suited for paddy fields and other irrigation jobs, and our tyres handle any demanding conditions. It helps farmers. They would get many out of their harvest.

With Landmax Tyres, a farmer trust our commitment to quality and reliability! Making their agricultural challenges straightforward to manage. This dedication to excellence is what makes our tyres more reliable—got all your farming equipment needs!

Landmax Tractor Tyre

Products: Agricultural Tyres

Agricultural Trailer Tyre LM-507(I-3)

Agricultural Trailer Tyre LM-517

Excavator Tire G2/L2

Excavator Tyre LM514

Front Tractor Tyre LM-502

forestry tyres

Logger, Stomper, Log Trailer Tyres

At the Landmax, we comprehended the majorly for reliable forestry tyers that is can handles rugged terrains. That’s why we offers a wide selective of high-qualify tyers desgned explicit for forestry equipments like Grapplers loaders, wheel skidder and track skidders. Whether navigating through dense forests or managing heavy loads, our tyers provide the durability and performance you need! We also offers floatation tyers that helps your machinery operate smoothly in soft grounds. With various sizes and designs available, The Landmax is a go-to source for all your forestry tyer needs, ensuring you find exactly what is needed to keep your operations running efficiently and safely. Choose Landmax for tyers, which helps you do the job right every time!

Products: Forestry Tyres

Forestry Flotation Tire LM-605B

Forestry Flotation Tires LM-608

Forestry Flotation Tyre LM-605A

Forestry Flotation Tyres LM-609

Forestry Tire For Logger LM-603A

Material Handling, Skid-Steer, Areal Plafrom Tyres

Our Company specializes in providing top-notch tyres designed particularly for material handling and constructional equipment. Whether you need a dependable tire for small pallet jacks, a versatile forklift, a robust loader, a nimble skid-steer, a sturdy boom lift, or a reliable scissors lift, we have what you’re looking for. Our tires are built to handle the demands of light-to-moderate duty machinery, ensuring stability and safety even under harsh work conditions. With our expertly crafted tires, you can keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Trust us to equip your machinery with the best tire in the business, enhancing performance where it counts.

Landmax Solid Forklift Tyre for sale

Products: Industrial Tyres

Boom Lift Tires S-301

Deep Tread Backhoe Tyre LM407

Deep Tread Backhoe Tyre LM408

Engine Forklift Solid Tyre LM-213 Type C

Foam Fill Non-Marking Tyres for Boom Lift Indoor

Hauling OTR Tyres

Truck and Bus Tyres

Landmax be famous for it’s top-notch TBR tires, they’s available in designs and different sizes and it cater to many vehicle. Each Tire we produce is crafted to meet stringy international standards, to make sure that safety, reliance, and performses. Our product certified by respectable global authorities, including CCC, ISO9001, TS16949, DOT, ECE, E-Sound, GCC, SNI, an SASO, guaranteeing highest quality requirements worldwide. Whether the driver be trucking, busses, or commercial vehicle, Landmax is tire is designed to provide.

Exceptional durable and optimal driving experiences! making it choice for driver who demanding best.

Products: Truck and Bus Tyres

All Position Truck Tire LMR288

All Position Truck Tyre LMR369

All Positions Truck Tires LMR518

All Terrain Truck Tyres LMR316

Commercial Truck All Position Tyres LMR307

Car, SUV, HUV, 4WD, Light Truck Tyres

We's thrilled too announces, that after 20 year of devoted in tyre industries, we grows a solidified reputations to provid quality customs branding solutions. We so much eager sharing ours new range from passengers car tyres wit' the world! Our vastest selection feature over 600 different types, designs, ensuring meet many speeds needs with rating from V, W, Y, too Z! Whether you need tyres for every day drive or high performans demands, we got something suits your requirements. Explores our collections and find a perfect fit for your vehicle, today!

Landmax Car tyre

Products: Passenger Car Tyres

All Terrain A/T LMC1000

All Terrain A/T Tire LMC16+

All Terrain A/T Tyre LMC80+

High Performance HP LMC160

High Performance HP Tyre LMC600