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Landmax story

LANDMAX, established in 1999, is a global leader in manufacturing and selling OTR, industrial, agricultural, truck and Bus, and passenger car tires. Over the years, we have focused on delivering high-quality tires worldwide. Our continuous know-how and cutting-edge technology enable us to offer a range of tire sizes and tread patterns. This allows us to cater to mining, construction, material- handling, forestry, farm and truck heavy-duty machinery. With a strong presence in over 60 across all five continents, we have earned the trust of more than 400 clients. Unwavering commitment to four critical elements – top-notch product quality, accurate pricing structures, on-time delivery, and post-sale service – has been crucial to our success. We hold certifications such as ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, CCC, E-mark, DOT, Eu4, GSO/GCC, SONCAP, INMETRO, and NOM, ensuring that our products meet the highest industry standards. At LANDMAX, we take immense pride in being the best strategic partner.

Purpose and Goals

At Landmx, we firmly believe in establishing long-term partnerships with our valued clients. Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, and we go the extra mile to provide exceptional service and support. Our highly trained team members work as seamless extensions of our client’s teams, collaborating towards shared goals and objectives. We are committed to forging lasting connections with our clients and believe in fostering deeper understanding through face-to-face meetings and industry events. These interactions enable us to comprehend our clients’ needs better, resulting in more successful outcomes.

Teams Work

At Landmax, we are proud of our customer-centric approach. Our company is built on a strong commitment to service. We consider a great sale just the beginning of a valuable customer relationship. That’s why we prioritise providing exceptional support and service during and after every sale. We want our customers to feel confident and satisfied at every touchpoint of their experience with us.

Our dedication to helping customers navigate the complex of importing sets us apart in the industry. We understand the multitude of import requirements across different countries. Thus, we offer certificates valid for use in most nations, ensuring a smooth and stressful import process.

Furthermore, at Landmax, we take a holistic approach to our business. We understand that the total cost of ownership is crucial to our customers’ success. Therefore, we constantly work towards optimising container space and reducing logistics costs. Our expert logistics team collaborates with multiple shipping companies, ensuring the shortest possible delivery time at the lowest possible cost. With Landmax, you can trust that we always strive to deliver the best possible value to our customers.


Landmax is a premier tire and wheel provider, offering a comprehensive selection of top-quality products and services to meet all your needs. We not only mix and match different types of tires and wheels for convenient container delivery but also provide tire and wheel assembly services. This ensures that your purchases are ready to use straight out of the box. With a wide range of tire sizes and treads available, we cater to various applications, from everyday use to specialized industries. Moreover, all our products have the necessary certifications to meet your safety and regulatory requirements. Whether you require reliable tires or expert wheel assembly services, Landmax has everything you need to efficiently and safely get the job done.

Customer Opinions

Our commitment to exceptional service and delivering high-quality products has earned us praise from numerous satisfied customers. Here’s what some of them have to say:

  • “Landmax has been our trusted partner for years. Their expertise in the tire industry and dedication to customer satisfaction have helped us achieve remarkable results.” – John D., OTR Tire Dealer Company Owner.

  • “We rely on Landmax to provide reliable tires for our heavy machinery. Their vast range of options, competitive pricing, and outstanding support make them the go-to choice in the industry.” – Sarah T., Mining Service Manager.

  • “From the initial sale to ongoing maintenance, Landmax has consistently provided exceptional service. Their knowledgeable team and commitment to customer success make them the ideal business partner.” – Mark S., Logistics Company Director.

These testimonials highlight our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business.


LANDMAX’s drive for excellence has led to several notable achievements. We take immense pride in:

  • Serving over 400 clients from over 60 countries across all five continents.
  • Holding certifications such as ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, CCC, E-mark, DOT, GSO/GCC, SONCAP, INMETRO, and NOM.
  • Building long-lasting partnerships based on trust and outstanding service.
  • Providing top-quality tires for various industries, including mining, construction, port handling, forklift, forestry, and farm machinery.
  • Optimizing container space, reducing logistics costs, and ensuring timely deliveries.

These achievements are a testament to our dedication and the trust placed in us by our valued customers.

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Choose Landmax as your ultimate partner for all your tire and wheel needs. We are committed to providing exceptional service, top-quality products, and custom solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you need reliable tires or expert wheel assembly services, we have the expertise, experience, and certifications to deliver outstanding results. Contact us today and experience the Landmax difference – we’re here to support you every step of the way!

Interviewed in South africa tyre show

“Our company is particularly recognised as a specialist in the production of OTR tyres,” said Landmax International managing director Joe Lee when talking with Tyres & Accessories at Tyrexpo Africa. “We have invested huge sums of money in research and development, which has led to a wide-ranging selection of radial and bias OTR tyres for various vehicle applications in mining, construction and container handling.

Indeed, T&A learned that the company is one of the largest Shanghai-based tyre manufacturers. “Our Landmax brand has established a reputation throughout the international market for their excellent performance and reliability,” Lee continued. “Capable of undertaking the toughest of workloads in the most challenging terrain; our tyres have been consistently commended by customers for their durability, heat and cut resistance, and stability.”

“This year, Landmax is focusing on developing new products for tyre and wheel formulations in the field of industrial and agricultural. We are sure that this will provide a solution to ever-increasing freight costs and offer customers opportunities for further sales development,” Lee told Tyres & Accessories. The company’s product range includes OTR (both radial and cross-ply), industrial and agricultural tyres, and passenger car and commercial vehicle ranges.

The sales and service network created by the company over the past decade now extends to over 120 countries. “The success of Landmax is unerringly due to our commitment to the key elements of quality of product, accurate pricing structures, on-time delivery and first-rate after sales service,” Lee concluded.



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