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Landmax Agricultural Tyres

Agricultural tyres are very durable for ploughing all day. Reliable equipment is important for long work hours.

Agricultural Tyres

Mastering Agricultural Tyres: Everything You Must Know

As a farmer or farming contractor, we understand that you rely heavily on advanced farming equipment to produce the best results possible. That’s why we offer various reliable tyres to ensure you get the most out of your machinery. We know every farm and every machine is unique, so we’ve made it easy for you to browse and choose tyres based on performance criteria that suit your specific needs.

Our selection of tyres is divided into three types based on tread patterns: Agricultural Tractor Tires (R1), Turf Tractor Tires (R3), and Industrial Tractor Tires (R4). Each class has been designed to cater to specific agricultural applications, allowing you to select the perfect tyre for your equipment.

So, whether you require durable and reliable tyres for your tractors, lawnmowers, or even construction equipment, we’ve got you covered. Please browse through our selection and choose the best tyres to enhance the performance and efficiency of your machines!

Landmax aguricultal tyre solution
Landmax agricultural tyre solution

Radial and Bias Tractor Tyres

Our company specialises in producing high-quality radial tractor tyres and radial flotation tyres designed to cater to the specific needs of our clients. Our experts have spent years perfecting the technology that allows us to provide radial tractor tyres that boast a 30% to 70% longer lifespan than conventional biased tyres. 

We understand the importance of delivering a product that can perform efficiently in any environment, and that’s why we are confident that our radial tyres can provide superior performance, no matter the conditions. 

Our tyres are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures to ensure their durability and reliability. To further improve customer satisfaction, we have also developed a special reach compound specifically designed to meet the requirements of our clients in European countries.

What is Radial Tractor Tyres?

In radial tyres, the belts run in the same direction as the tread line, and body plies run 90-degree angle with the tread line.

  • Able to run at higher speed and carry more load.
  • A wider contact area provides more traction and less soil compaction
  • Radial construction offers more comfort for driving
landmax tractor tyre specifications

What is Bias Tractor Tyres?

In bias tyres, the nylon belts and body plies run at an angle with the tread line.

  • Less expensive option compared to radial.
  • Better sidewall protection due to bias construction suitable for some unique working conditions
  • Shorter lifetime due to fast wear of the tread.
agricultural Bias tyre specifications

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Excavator Tire G2/L2

Tractor Tire LM-501A R-1

Tractor Tires LM-502B R-1

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