Agricultural Tyres

Agricultural Tyres can plough all day; I am a worker.

Agricultural Tyres: All you need to know

Whether you are a farmer or a farming contractor, which agricultural tyres, you need reliable tyres to get the most out of your advanced farming equipment. You can browse for your tire based on performance criteria that best suit your specific type of machinery.

According to the applications, the tyre tread patterns are divided into three types;

  • Agricutural Tractor Tires (R1)
  • Turf Tractor Tires (R3)
  • Industrial Tractor Tires (R4)

Radial and Bias Tractor Tyres

In addition,  Radial tractor tyres and radial flotation tyres are both our core competencies, and our radial tractor tyres have a 30% to 70% longer life compared to biased ones. We could provide a reach compound for European countries.

Landmax aguricultal tyre solution
Landmax agricultural tyre solution

In radial tyres, the belts run in the same direction as the tread line, and body plies run 90-degree angle with the tread line.

  • Able to run at higher speed and carry more load.
  • A wider contact area provides more traction and less soil compaction
  • Radial construction offers more comfort for driving
landmax tractor tyre specifications
agricultural Bias tyre specifications

In bias tyres, the nylon belts and body plies run at an angle with the tread line.

  • Less expensive option compared to radial.
  • Better sidewall protection due to bias construction suitable for some unique working conditions
  • Shorter lifetime due to fast wear of the tread.