The agricultural tyre is our core products, provide a full range of agricultural tyres in the market, such as

  • Radial and bias tractor tyres 
  • Front tractor tyres
  • Industrial tractor tyres
  • Implement tyres
  • Flotation tyres
  • Irrigation tyres
  • Paddy use tyres
  • Multi-purpose tyres
  • Trailer tyres

How to determine what size aguricultual tyres you need, just look at the sidewall of the tyres and copy down the indicated number to us get more information.

In addition,  Radial tractor tyres and radial flotation tyres are both our core competencies, and our radial tractor tyres have 30% to 70% longer life in comparison to bias ones. We could provide reach compound for European countries.
Agricultural tyre and rim assembly is the extra service we provide for our customers. LANDMAX provides the rim drawing services, or can manufacture the rims according to the drawings provided by the customer.  A set of Aguricultural tyre is your best choice to save frieght cost.

LANDMAX guarantees client satisfaction with thorough after-sale service. We will investigate each incident on a case-by-case basis and will make things right for the customer.

aguricultal tyre
agricultural tyre

What is the difference between radial and bias tractor tyre?

In radial tyres the belts run at the same direction with the tread line, and body plies run 90-degree angle with the tread line.

  • Able to run at higher speed and carry more load.
  • Wider contact area provides more traction and less soil compaction
  • Radial construction offers more comfort for driving

In bias tyre the nylon belts and body plies run at an angle with the tread line.

  • Less expensive option compare to radial
  • Better sidewall protection due to bias construction suitable for some unique working condition
  • Shorter life time due to fast wear of tread