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Does Backhoe Tyre Particularly Designed For Digger & Loader?

Backhoe Tyre 16.9-24 R4 Good Working For Loader And Digger

Backhoe loader tyre size 16.9-24 R4 pattern application to backhoe loader and tractor.
Particularly designed for digging and loading operations as well as municipality and maintenance applications.
Extra heavy casing provides increased durability, larger cut and chip resistant, and extended service life.
Spepped reinforced lugs provides excellent stability, traction and self-cleaning.

Tyre Data

  • Size: 16.9-24
  • Pattern: R4
  • Ply Rating: 12 PR
  • Outside Diameter: 1335.00 mm
  • Section Width: 430.00 mm
  • Rim: 15″
  • Load Capacity:3250.00k gs
  • KPA: 260.00
  • Container Loading Qty/40hq: 120pcs

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