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Skid Steer Loader Tyre

Why Skid-Steer Loader Need Wear Deepest Tread Tyre?

Deep tread tyre can meet toughest loader working.

Located at an altitude of 3000 m at the North West Chang Bai Mt. of China is the highest ski and winter sports resort.
At this altitude, the temperatures are below zero for at least six months of the year. The thermometer can go down to -35°C. It also snows very often and to great depth (on average 6 to 10 m per year), and the wind can blow very hard. Under these conditions, snow removal, road construction, and maintenance of the road system in this area require robust, reliable, compact, and manoeuvrable machines. To meet these unusual requirements and to complement its fleet of machines adapted to the mountains skid-steer loader it need wear deepest tread tyre

Skid Steer Loader Tyre 10-16.5 With L5 Pattern

The skid steer & industrial tyre 10-16.5 and 12-16.5 with the L5 pattern
* Application to Skid Steer loader and scraper tyre for hard working area.
* Good wear resistance, with extra deep tread and side-skidding resistance.
* The special tread compound leading to exceptional cut and chip resistance along with excellent wear resistance on all types of terrains.
* The extra deep tread with wider and sturdier blocks providing best traction, stability, and puncture resistance.
* Tire spec 10-16.5:
Ply Rating:10pr
Outside Diameter:773.00mm
Section Width: 264.00mm
Rim: 8.25
Load Capacity: 2135.00kg
KPA: 520.00
Qty/40hq: 420pcs
* Tire spec 12-16.5:
Ply Rating:12pr
Outside Diameter:831.00mm
Section Width: 307.00mm
Rim: 9.75
Load Capacity: 2865.00kg
KPA: 550.00
Qty/40hq: 300pcs