Forestry Tyre For Logger, Dumper, Loader

Why Do Need Forestry Tyre

Working in the forestry industry is no easy task. Loggers and their equipment routinely overcome challenges

including steep terrain, muddy soil and safety requirements 

 while working to meet production quotas. It’s crucial for tires to not only tackle these challenging conditions but thrive in them. That’s why we engineer, test and manufacture durable wheels and tires to minimize the risk of downtime as well as maximize equipment performance. That’s how we help loggers move forward.

Most popular tyre sizes are 16.9-30, 18.4-26, 18.4-30, 18.4-34, 18.4-38, 20.5-38, 23.1-26, 24.5-32, 30.5L-32 and 35.5L-32, etc. Flotation tyre sizes are 500/60-22.5, 600/50-22.5, 700/45-22.5, 700/50-26.5, 800/40-26.5, 600/60-30.5, etc. We also provide steel belt and stronger fiber structure tyres to meet different customers needs The types include;

  • Logger Tyre
  • Flotation Tyre
  • Muskeg Tyre
  • Stomper Tyre
  • Woodland Tyre
forestry tyre
forestry tyre
forestry tyre