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Rugged Design of Forestry Stomper Tyres

Our Forestry Stomper Tyres are at the forefront of off-road capabilities. These tyres are designed with resilient construction and an aggressive tread design and provide superior traction in challenging terrains like mud and snow. The deep, large lugs are designed for maximum grip and unparalleled stability, making them a reliable choice for rugged environments.

  • Aggressive Tread Design: The exceptional design features large, deeply set lugs that provide remarkable grip in challenging terrains.

  • Robust Construction: Manufactured with strong rubber compounds, these tyres resist punctures and erosion with great efficacy. Their enhanced durability makes them ideal for harsh logging conditions.

  • Enhanced Stability: With their extra-deep studs or reinforced rubber, Stomper Tyres ensure unrivaled grip on rough terrain, offering you increased stability and control even in the harshest conditions.

Self-Cleaning Abilities for Optimal Performance

The Forestry Stomper Tyres are known for the spacing between the lugs, a feature designed to prevent mud and debris build-up. Maintain peak performance with tyres that self-clean, thus ensuring undeterred traction even in the most demanding terrains.

  • Wide Spacing: The gaps between the lugs aid in self-cleaning, thus nullifying the risk of mud and debris accumulation that could compromise traction.

  • Deep Treads: With the wide spacing, deep treads ensure an efficient self-cleaning mechanism. With Stomper Tyres, you never have to worry about compromised performance due to terrain debris.

Rewarding Investment for Challenging Conditions

Choosing Forestry Stomper Tyres means investing in a product that withstands the most challenging terrains and weather conditions. From superior traction to enduring durability, these tyres are designed for forestry and logging applications. Navigate confidently in demanding environments, knowing your tyres are designed for this purpose.

  • Formidable Terrain Capability: These tires easily withstand rough environments, ensuring safe and efficient operations in rugged conditions.

  • Exceptional Traction: With Stomper Tyres, terrain-induced wear is a worry of the past. Enjoy excellent traction and experience an unruffled journey, no matter the conditions.

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