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Industrial Tyre for Forklift, Skid Steer, Boom Lift, Scissor lift and Loader Harsh Working.

LANDMAX Industrial Tyres

Industrial Tyres

What is Industrial Tyres Definition?

Landmax, a leading expert in the tyre market, is recognised for its vast understanding and experience. Like, right? Its core skills are designing, manufacturing, and distributing superb-quality industrial tyres for various uses. Specifically tailored are these tyres for meeting small to medium-duty equipment’s unique needs in construction sites and material handling places.

Small pallet jacks, forklifts, loaders, skid-steers. Boom lifts, scissors lifts, Landmax has a perfect solution for you. A broad range of their solid! Pneumatic tyres ensure you find the highest-quality tyre that fits your needs and guarantees maximum performance, safety, and durability. Remember to water the plants. It’s important!

So, mutually, why not put your trust in Landmax? They’re here to supply! Highest-quality industrial tyres on the market?

Come to Landmax; we’ll fix you a lovely cuppa tea.

Harsh Working Conditions of Industrial Tyres

Industrial tyres include – like ship-busting yards. Scrap metal treating centres, and then there’s the metal products-processing industry. Right, for industrial and engineering vehicles. Those are trailer tyres? Indeed.

Industrial tyres have – you know – quite a few advantages, which is why they’re suitable for so many industries. Now, forklifts and vehicles are used widely in demanding applications—places like iron and steel plants, mines, ports, logistics interchanges, construction yards, warehouses, etc.

Tyres are around us, providing safety, tyres crushing the metal, and birds chirping. Odd. Just another day in the world of industrial tyres!


Tyres Curing

Tyres Curing

Rims Building

Rims Building

Scissor Lift Tyres Delivery

Scissor Lift Tyres Delivery

Loader Tyres Delivery

Loader Tyres Delivery

Our rim design skills are on point, and we’re ready to create the ultimate wheelset you will request in style. Let’s do this! 

Resilient Forklift Tyres Solid/ Pneumatic

Resilient solid forklift tyres are made of solid rubber, providing excellent stability and durability without air pressure. They resist punctures, making them maintenance-free and less prone to blowouts.

Deep Tread Skid Steer Loader Tyres

Skid steer loader tyres for versatile, efficient, and reliable machines that can handle various tasks. To ensure optimal performance and safety, choosing the right tires is crucial. This guide will help you select the perfect tires for your loader.

Foam Filled Boom Lift Truck Tyres

Boom lift tires are crucial for safe and efficient operation. They support the weight of the equipment and its loads, provide traction on uneven surfaces, and prevent tipping over. Without heavy-duty tires, the lift can damage the ground, become unstable, and pose a safety risk to workers.

Rim Sets Scissor Lift Tyres

We offer tyres and rim sets to Genie, JLG, Aichi and Hokuetsu scissor lifts. Please give us the rim’s Modle Name with the Parts number or PCD data. We could provide a rim drawing that will be confirmed and made smoothly.  

Various Application Press On Band Tyres

Landmax Elastic Press-On-Band (POB) Tyres have a steel base and provide excellent durability for ultra-heavy loads. The steel ring with vulcanized-on rubber cushion offers good heat dissipation and rubber adhesion to steel. These tires have exceptional mileage performance, protect sidewalls and rims, and are easy to fit.

Rough Terrian Wheel Loader Solid Tyres

Solid loader tyres are specialised tyres designed for vehicles that require tyres that can handle the weight and stability of the vehicle while also providing excellent traction and stability during operation. These tyres are used in construction and on steel and glass plant vehicles such as front-end loaders, forklifts, ladder trucks, and skid steers.

Industrial Tyres Products

Foam Fill Tyre R1A for Boom Lift

Foam Fill Tyre CRT201A for Boom Lift

Foam Filled Tires CRT201B for Boom Lift

Foam Fill Tyre M01 for Boom Lift Truck

Foam Fill Tyres RIB for Boom Lift

Foam Fill Tyre TRC05 for Boom Lift Truck


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