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OTR Tyre You Never Really Know The True Quality Of OTR Tyre Until The Road Gets Rocky

OTR Tyre Replacement Specifications:

Landmax the most comprehensive selection of radial and bias for various vehicles, such as mining dump trucks, large haulage, small loader, grader, scraper, mobile crane, port and container handling, excavators, backhoes and sand vehicles.  clients for their durability, cut resistance, heat resistance and stability. 

We can provide other brand tyre help equipment to take on some of the most challenging applications -including Tianli, Boto, West Lake. The result: you get the best return on your investment and can rest assured knowing that our tyre keeps your equipment working non-stop. Also Rim assembly and OEM service for you.

Tyre Classification

OTR tyres are classified by application in one of the following three categories:

  • Transport Tyre- For earthmoving machines that transport material such as trucks and wheel tractors.
  • Work tyre-Normally applied to slow-moving machines such as grader and wheel loader.
  • Load and carry-Wheel loader engaged in transporting as well as digging. 

Whether to go radial tyre or bias tyre on your site – or both – is an important question that can certainly affect your tire operating costs.

Radial OTR Tyre: 

For instance, construction, earthmoving and grading applications that put on relatively high mileage are seeing the benefits of radial OTR tires because they last longer, reduce fuel consumption, and increase the transfer of horsepower to the ground.

Bias OTR Tyre:

But radial OTR tire isn’t always the best solution for every job requirement. Bias tires are a better fit for job sites with more stationary work and less travel.n