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Landmax Bias OTR Tyres

Bias OTR tyres are better suited for job sites with stationary work and shorter distances, getting Higher Cost Performance.

Bias OTR Tyres

Bias OTR Tyres Overview

When discussing the topic of OTR Tyres, it is essential to understand that these are a specific type of tyre designed for use off the road. They are manufactured using a specifically engineered bias-ply design that provides additional strength and durability, allowing them to adapt perfectly to even the harshest terrains and heavy-duty tasks. This is due in large part to the multiple layers of rubber-coated fabric, or “plies”, that are positioned diagonally to each other within the tyre, providing the toughness and sturdiness necessary to withstand the rigours of off-road use. It is for this reason that OTR tyres are often utilised in construction vehicles, mining equipment and other large machines that require excellent traction, stability and the ability to carry heavy loads with ease.

A radial OTR tyre isn’t always the best solution for every job requirement. Bias tires are better suited for job sites with stationary work and shorter distances.

  • Enhanced Durability: Designed to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty applications and rough terrain, which can help them last longer than other types of tires.

  • Improved Traction: The tyres construction of these tires allows more rubber to be in contact with the ground, improving traction and stability in challenging conditions.

  • Increased Load-Carrying Capacity: Bias OTR tyres are designed to carry heavy loads and withstand high-stress levels, making them a popular choice for large construction and mining vehicles.

  • Lower Cost: In some cases, bias OTR tyres may be less expensive to manufacture than other types of tires, which can help reduce costend-user costs

Biased ply tires generally have larger lugs than their radial counterparts. They are more flexible and will keep more of the tread on the ground. Also, when aired down, they mould to the contour of the land (rocks or uneven ground) better than a radial due to them needing to be stiffer than mentioned above.

These bias OTR tires come with rugged dependability and commercial reliability available at various buying options. They are starting from low-bias OTR tyres to expensive ones. They are more by all the necessary certifications such as ISO 9001 and extended warranty features.

Compactor Tire R-3

Wheel Loader Tires E3/L3

Industrial Tractor Tires R-4

Excavator Tire G2/L2

Construction Tires LMG2 (G2,L2,R4)

Loader, Scraper Tires LME3 (E3,L3)


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