Flotation Tyre

Agricultural flotation tyres are perhaps most commonly known in the farm and agricultural industries, where the ability to float over loose dirt is a must. In addition to keeping farm vehicles above ground, flotation tyres minimize soil disturbance in agricultural environments, as compared to other types of tyres that would dig in and damage the soil.

1. The high agricultural flotation tyres, with large ground contact area, the low-pressure ratio on the ground.
2. Tractional lugs give good self-cleaning action and excellent traction and less damage to soil and sapling.
3. With good resistance to penetration and punctures and excellent pass through on the sand surface.

Landmax high flotation tyre proven design put your machines on tyres with longer, wider footprints. Weight is distributed across the expanded footprint, keeping compaction to a minimum. These tyres excel, especially when used on spray and fertilizing equipment.