Tractor Tyre

What is the most common tractor tyre Pattern?

We have a great selection of R-1 rear agricultural tractor tyres for your farm and agricultural use. Agricultural tractor tyres R-1 are all-purpose farm tyres with excellent attraction through muddy soils while minimizing sold image. They wear well-hard applications such as cement, feedlots and normal road use. R-1 Farm tyres are made to withstand heavy loads, resist damage, wear well in normal use, minimize soil compaction, and provide traction on and off the road for your varied needs around the farm.

Landmax makes it super simple to find the right R-1 rear tractor tyre for your farming equipment. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions and help you find the right tire that fits your needs and budget. Take a look at all of the great R-1 tyres we offer today!

What are the most common tractor tyre sizes?

The most common tractor tyre sizes for the tractor front tyre are 6.00-16, 6.50-16, 7.50-16 and 6.50-20. Common tractor tyre sizes for tractor rear tyres are 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28 and 16.9-28

The first numbers indicate the width of the tyre in inches (1 inch = 25.4 mm), or respectively 12.4 inches (12.4 inches x 25.4 mm = 310 mm in width) and 10.5 inches (10.5 inches x 25.4 mm = 260 mm in width). The last numbers indicate the rim diameter, always displayed in inches, in this case, 28 inches and 16 inches.