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Forestry Tyre

Do you know the forestry tyres?

Mud, snow, stumps, rocks and a thousand other hazards make it easy for tires to get lost in the woods. High loads, uneven ground, endless puncture and bead hazards demand some of the toughest tires in the world. Forestry tyres must deliver unbeatable traction while protecting fragile soils from long-term damage. At Off-Highway Tires, we understand what it takes to fulfil these challenging demands of forestry applications. From offering one of the industry’s most extensive range of purpose-built tires and delivering maximum performance to making tires that are engineered to perform in the most extreme conditions – we have it all for the forestry segment.

Forestry Tyres and Skidder Tires See the difference the right forestry tire can make on your forestry equipment.

What is  Forestry tyre working for?

Harvesting, extracting, processing/loading, mill yard, reforestation, road building, or you’re in the business of land clearing, logging, high-risk tree removal, forestry management or processing, we carry the speciality forestry tires and forestry tubes you need.

Landmax is active on all continents and in more than 170 countries, from China to Brazil and from the United States of America to Germany and Fiji.

We provide tyre and rim assembly services for our forestry tyres.
LANDMAX can mix forestry tyres with industrial tyres, OTR tyres or other tyres in the same container.

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