landmax tyre

Forestry Flotation Tyre

Do you know the forestry flotation tyre?
Flotation tires are a big deal, and not just for farmers… they’re pretty popular with people in forestry, too. Ever wonder why? Well, their float-like feature majorly spares the soil from being torn apart, unlike standard tires that tend to leave quite a mess. Here’s the gist of what you need to know:

1. High flotation farm tires – these guys have a broad touch on the ground, exerting only slight pressure. Picture it like a friendly handshake with Mother Earth.
2. The tread? Think work boots with excellent grip. They also shed dirt like a dog shakes off the water and cause barely a scratch to sprouts and soil.
3. Need something sturdy? These babies can hold up pretty well. They resist punctures and glide on sandy terrains, like a hoverboard that doesn’t hover.

Now consider Landmax and its flotation tires. These geniuses adapted the design to stretch your machines’ footprints longer and broader. Imagine your weight spread out over a wider area. You’d sink less in mud, right? It’s the same idea. The bonus? These performance enhancers shine when used on sprayers and fertiliser distributors.

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