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Industrial Tyre

What Is Industrial Tyres Definition?

The industrial tyre is LANDMAX’s core competency. Industrial Tire specializes in Material Handling and Construction of tires and tracks for small to medium-duty equipment, including small pallet jacks, forklifts, loaders, skid-steers, boom lifts, and scissors lifts. Landmax offers a full range of solid and pneumatic tyres, list as below.

  • Solid Forklift Tyre
  • Pneumatic forklift tyre
  • Skid Steer tyre
  • Moulded Solid Skid Steer tyre
  • solidarity Skid Steer tyre
  • Solid truck tyre
  • Boom lift tyre
  • Press-on Solid tyre
  • Scissor Lift tyre
  • Solid airport tyre

Industrial Tyre Harsh Working Conditions

It includes ship-breaking yards, scrap metal treatment centres, and the metal products-processing industry for Industrial and engineering vehicles and trailer tyres. One the industrial tyres have many advantages that make them suitable for various industries and the various forklift and vehicles widely used in demanding applications such as iron and steel plants, mines, and ports. Who widely used them in ports, airports, railways, and logistics interchanges.

What Is A Pneumatic Forklift Tyre?

Pneumatic tyres use outdoors. There are two types, solid pneumatic and air pneumatics. The air pneumatics are filled with air, while the solid pneumatics is made of rubber and are more puncture-proof. If you have nails, rocks, or other sharp objects around the yard or workspace, you may want to learn more about the solid pneumatic option.

What is a Skid Steer tyre? It comes from a skid steer loader called an R4 pattern of the tread, which has an aggressive swept lug tyre pattern designed for a dirt environment, with large voids between ugs and directional and excellent traction for pushing or dong finish grade work.

What Is Our Service Of Industrial Tyre For You?

We could mix different industrial tyres In the same container and design a Rim asset for you. LANDMAX welcomes and has a successful history with OEM industrial tyre projects. REACH compound for the European market is widely used in our tyres.

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