Molded Solid Skid Steer Tyre

Typical Molded Solid Skid-Steer Tyre Applications
Combine the scrap metal operations with glass, concrete, diapers and anything else that comes along and you have waste management. Add the hazards plus enormous volume and you have a need for tough tires that wear like iron, won’t go flat, and need to be kind to equipment operators 24 hours a day. Solideal Solid SKS tires go over, (and through) just about anything all day long.
Articulated loaders, slow speed dump trucks, large fork trucks, or skid steer loaders working in high hazard, slow speed environments like demolition, recycling and foundries need Solideal Solid SKS to keep going longer with less downtime.
Scrap metal operations are not kind to tires. Articulated loaders, skid steer machines and newly designed mobile cranes require the toughest tires available. Clearly, only Solideal Solid SKS has any business here.
Where clearances are tight, loads extreme, the road uneven, and downtime costly, the Solideal Solid SKS means you stay on line day in and day out.

Our Molded Solid Skid-Steer Tyre ADVANTAGES:

OEM tire sizing for exact fitment
Designed specifically for high performance and reduced operational costs in all heavy duty skid steer applications
Deep tread lugs provides advanced traction in the most severe conditions
Concave sidewalls offers excellent protection and longer tire life
Smooth tread design is available for high abuse and push applications – transfer stations, mining, etc