Solidair Skid Steer Tyre

Solidair Skid-Steer Tye

Flat Proof Solid Skid Steer Rubber Tires with wheel/rims assembled, available in sizes 10×16.5, 12×16.5 and 14×17.5 at an extraordinary value with the best warranty. Deep lug design with 6 and 8 lug options to fit all brands and models.

Landmax Solid tyres are gaining use in the scrapyard, glass recycling, wood product manufacturing, mining and materials handling industries. The ability of solid tyres to resist punctures, cuts and snags, limits machine

downtime due to repairs is just one of many reasons for their growing use.

We service the widest customer base in the global market, and we’re familiar with all types of forklift tire use. With the largest fleet of mobile tire presses in North America and Europe, operated by an extensive network of technicians, we keep you going by providing optimized service on-site, on time, online.