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Bias OTR Tyre

Do you know bias tyre makes you benefit also?

A radial OTR tire isn’t always the best solution for every job requirement. Bias tires are better suited for job sites with stationary work and less travel.

Biased ply tires generally have larger lugs than their radial counterparts. They are more flexible and will keep more of the tread on the ground. Also, when aired down, they mould to the contour of the land (rocks or uneven ground) better than a radial due to them not being as stiff as mentioned above.

These bias OTR tires come with rugged dependability and commercial reliability available at various buying options. They are more by all the necessary certifications such as ISO 9001 and extended warranty features. They are starting from low bias OTR tyres to expensive ones.

Compactor Tire R-3

Construction Tyre LMG2 (G2,L2,R4)

Deep Tread Loader Tyre LML5 (L5)

Excavator Tire G2/L2

Excavator Tyre LM514

Industrial Tractor Tires R-4

Loader, Scraper Tires LME3 (E3,L3)

Mining Construction Tire LME3A (E3,L3)

Mining Loader Tyre LML5S (L5S)

Multi Purpose Tyre LM-504

Road Roller Tire LMC1 (C1)

Sand Tyre LME7 (E7)