Radial OTR Tyre

Whether to go radial OT tyre or bias OTR tires on your site – or both – is an important question that can certainly affect your tire operating costs.

For instance, wheel loader, earthmoving and grading applications that put on relatively high mileage are seeing the benefits of radial tires because they last longer, reduce fuel consumption, and increase the transfer of horsepower to the ground.

Constructed with steel belts to protect the tread area, radials offer enhanced load-carrying capacity and generate less heat when hauling at higher speeds and longer distances.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect radial OTR tire for your wheel loader, grading vehicle or the earthmoving one, you need not worry anymore with the vast collection, Landmax brings at your disposal. These radial OTR tyres come with rugged dependability and commercial reliability available at a wide range of buying options.