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Light Truck Tyre

The term “Light Truck” covers great variety of vehicles, such as vans, SUV’s and light duty pickup trucks. This is one of the reasons why the tires are labeled in many ways. It is also important to know what sizing system is applied in a tire designation.
There are several sizing systems for the light truck tire designations currently in use:
LT-High Flotation
European Commercial Metric
P-Metric and
European Metric

Tires for light truck applications can be classified in two groups:
Tires specially designed for the light trucks
Passenger car tires applied on the light trucks

Tires specially designed for the light trucks
LT-Metric light truck tires
LT-High flotation light truck tires
LT-Numeric light truck tires
Euro commercial metric (“C” tires for vans)
Euro commercial numeric (“C” tires for vans)

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