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SUV Tyre

There are two basic differences between passenger cars and SUV Tyre. The first of which is a question of design: SUVs are constructed essentially the same way as passenger cars, except that they are generally heavier, and front or all wheel drive.

The second difference is design intent. Passenger cars are designed to carry passengers over paved roads; SUVs are designed to traverse a variety of different terrains to transport passengers or cargo. These differences are reflected as much in their respective tire types as they are in other aspects of vehicle design.

In general, SUV tyres are of a larger and heavier construction than passenger car tires, with a knobbier tread pattern better suited to occasional off-roading than a passenger car’s. Car tires are usually engineered to provide a comfortable ride over paved surfaces, and the tread pattern is specifically geared to siphon water away from the tire-to-road contact patches at speed.

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