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ATV & UTV Tyre

ATV & UTV Tyres

Has a lot of patterns and sizes which durable and lightweight, provide a smooth and comfortable ride, available for your ATVs and UTVs.

Our ATV & UTV Tyre is among the major tyre manufacturers and exporters in China with a history of international cooperation and shared technologies. A lot of patterns and sizes are available for your ATVs and UTVs. Great traction in both mixed and hard-packed terrains. Enhanced high-speed cornering capabilities. Provides a smooth and comfortable ride. Durable and lightweight, and so on.

Main differences between ATV and UTV

  • Tires: ATV tires are kept at a lower pressure than UTV tires or regular vehicles.
  • Passenger capacity: Between two and four passengers can ride safely in a UTV. Passengers sit side by side. In contrast, ATVs are just for one rider, but some are made to carry the operator and one passenger.
  • Prices: You can buy an ATV at a more affordable price than a UTV. When it comes to riding on a trail, you can choose the one you feel more comfortable with.
  • Storage: If you need your vehicle to store or carry stuff, a UTV can be a better option.
  • Safety: When riding an ATV you must wear protective clothing, boots, and gloves—and should always wear a helmet. UTVs have seat belts and your passengers have to wear safety gear. Learn more about safety.
  • ATV and UTV tyres are 4 Ply ratings.

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