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Go-Kart Tyre

Go-Kart Tyres Selection guide:

The size of the pneumatic tire is the essential feature of the go-kart—the maximum diameter of tires for intercontinental class E go-karts. The formula F go-karts are 350mm, the entire width of tires is 250mm, and the rear tire width of intercontinental class junior group J go-kart is 185mm.

For racing go-karts, the maximum diameter of the front tire is 280mm, the maximum width is 135mm, the maximum diameter of the rear tire is 300mm, and the full width is 215mm. If the pneumatic tire used does not meet the requirements of this size, it cannot be called a go-kart. Start driving a go-kart and step into the car world. So go karts are also known as “the cradle of F1”.

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