Go-Kart Tyre

Go-Kart originated in the United States in the late 1950s. Go karts are divided into two types: continuously variable speed and with gear, as well as universal type and competitive type. The universal type is also known as “leisure type”. The speed of this kind of car is not very fast, with a maximum speed of 80 km / h and no driver’s license. The racing go kart can reach a speed of 130 km / h. due to its extremely low chassis (only 4 cm from the ground), the relative speed felt by the driver will be 2-3 times higher than the actual speed, that is to say, it feels that the speed is 300 km / h. in particular, it will produce a lateral acceleration 3-4 times that of gravity on the curve, so that the driver can experience the fun that ordinary racing cars can’t achieve. Go-Kart Tyre

It is the go kart that has simple structure, high safety and great racing characteristics. Therefore, it is very popular and popular in Europe, Japan and other countries. Most world-famous F1 drivers start by driving go karts. [1]

Basic features of go kart

According to the technical regulations issued by the international go kart Commission (CIK). Go kart refers to “the total height from the ground (excluding headrest) with a pneumatic tire with a maximum diameter of less than 350mm driven by a small gasoline engine or motor” Less than 650mm, front wheel oriented, rear wheel driven, no differential device and shock absorber structure, four wheels in constant contact with the ground, single seater micro racing car driven by people. The definition of go kart by the international go kart Commission stipulates the attribute range of go kart:

1. Go kart is a kind of racing car. According to the current international rules, its power can only be small gasoline engine or motor. Those using diesel engine or other types of power devices do not belong to the category of go kart.

2. The basic structural features of go karts are that the total height from the ground (excluding headrest) is less than 650mm, two front wheels are guided, two rear wheels are driven, there is no differential device, and four wheels are in constant contact with the ground. The “high truck” with a total height from the ground greater than 650mm and the guidance, drive and differential devices that do not meet the definition of go kart are not go karts.Go-Kart Tyre

3. “Single seat” driven by people is the basic feature of go karts. In the park, two cars and two rows of cars for children are not go karts.

4. The size of pneumatic tire is the basic feature of go kart. The maximum diameter of tires for intercontinental class E ice go karts and formula e EF go karts is 350mm, the maximum width of tires is 250mm, and the rear tire width of intercontinental class a junior group ICA / J go karts is 185mm. For racing go karts, the maximum diameter of the front tire is 280mm and the maximum width is 135mm, and the maximum diameter of the rear tire is 300mm and the maximum width is 215mm. If the pneumatic tire used does not meet the requirements of this size, it cannot be called a go kart. Start driving a go kart and step into the car world. So go karts are also known as “the cradle of F1”.

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