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Golf Cart Tyre

Golf Cart Tyre been used on the golf cart which is a short disttance vehicle used on the golf courrse.Golf cart is a short-distance vehicle used on the golf course. Its main function is to transport golfers to the ball drop point quickly and save physical strength. In addition to the golf course, golf cart is also used in resorts, villas, Garden hotels, scenic spots and other places. Golf sightseeing car has the characteristics of convenient up and down, high handling stability, small turning radius, excellent shock absorption performance, comfortable activity and so on. Let’s learn about the golf cart.Golf Cart Tyre

1、 What is a golf cart? Golf carts are also called electric golf carts, steam golf carts and golf sightseeing vehicles. As the name suggests, they are passenger vehicles designed and developed for golf courses and belong to a kind of short-distance transportation. Golf carts have many forms, such as 2 seats, 4 seats and 6 seats. They generally transport a small number of passengers in a short distance at a speed of less than 24km / h, and are powered by a four stroke engine or electricity. 2、 What is a golf cart? A golf cart is a means of transportation. It is mainly used by people. It is often used in golf courses. What is the use of a specific golf cart? The golf cart is mainly used to carry golfers in the golf course, so as to facilitate golfers to quickly reach the golf ball and click the ball, so as to save physical strength; In addition to golf courses, golf carts are also used as a means of transportation in resorts, villas, Garden hotels, scenic spots and other fields.Golf Cart Tyre

3、 What are the characteristics of golf carts? Golf carts are specially developed for golf courses. The main characteristics of golf sightseeing carts are: 1. Low chassis and convenient up and down, which provides convenience for golfers to get on and off quickly. 2. McPherson independent front suspension is adopted for the front axle and rear axle, with large space in the cab, high handling stability and strong controllability. 3. The steering wheel height and inclination can be adjusted by itself, with small turning radius and flexible operation. 4. Vacuum wide tire is adopted, with excellent shock absorption performance, stable driving and comfortable driving. 5. It is equipped with a movable top window and a rocker that can be closed in case of emergency, which makes it comfortable to move.

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