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Heavy-Duty Truck Tyres

What is Heavy Truck Tyre Loading?
Heavy Truck Tyre use on trucks which contain heavy trucks and semitrailer tractors, including all kinds of special vehicles (sprinkler, fire truck, road cleaning vehicle, oil tank truck, mixer, etc.), dump truck (tractor, with lifter), truck (freight, including livestock) and some rare off-road vehicles (more military).

Trucks divide into (according to the total mass):

1. Heavy trucks (total mass > 14 tons);

2. Medium truck (6 tons < total mass ≤ 14 tons);

3. Light truck (1.8 tons < total mass ≤ 6 tons);

4. Mini truck (total mass ≤ 1.8 tons).

A commercial vehicle designed and equipped mainly for carrying goods can tow a trailer or not.

Similar to the newly classified passenger cars, the meaning of freight cars in the new classification is smaller than that of trucks in the old category. The corresponding relationship is that trucks in the old classification = vehicles in the new variety (freight cars + semitrailer tractors + freight cars are incomplete vehicles).

The breakdown of trucks depends on total mass, purpose and fuel type; for the semitrailer tractor, the packs of the vehicle classification on the group of the semitrailer tractor in running state, plus the sum of the maximum vertical static load transmitted by the semitrailer to the tractor and the whole design loading mass (if any) of the tractor itself.

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