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Mud & Snow Road Tyre

Best mud and snow tires for trucks?

Mud and snow tires are all-season tires approved for use in muddy and snowy conditions by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association. These tires usually have the “M+S” designation somewhere on the tire (depending on the brand, it marks M&S or MS).

You may be surprised to learn that even some summer tires technically meet the minimum M&S tire requirements. Still, most manufacturers only designate tires with high traction capabilities as mud and snow tires. Unlike summer tires and lower-performance all-season tires, mud and snow tires usually have deep ridges that offer increased performance in slick conditions. Also, mud and snow tires are general design to provide better traction than summer or regular all-season tires in colder conditions.

How Are Mud & Snow Tires Different From Winter Tires?

We design winter tires to provide traction in deeper snow and sub-zero temperatures. Mud and snow tires will perform just fine in lighter snow, but if you regularly drive in snowy conditions at temperatures lower than seven °C, you’re better off with good winter tires. In other words, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable choosing an all-season tire in the winter, mud and snow tires are probably not the best choice for your vehicle.

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