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Scissor Lift Tyres S-321


  • Lug tread tires have deep grooves and treads for traction and stability on uneven or muddy terrain.
  • They can prevent slipping, skidding, or tipping over, reducing accidents or injuries.
  • Lug tread tires are perfect for rough-terrain scissor lifts.
  • They have high capacities and spacious platforms for carrying multiple workers, tools, and materials to height.
  • Lug tread tires enable contractors to navigate strict access job sites effectively.
  • These tires have proven performance in challenging conditions.
  • They are reliable for ensuring safety and productivity on rough terrain.

Tyre Size: 12x4x8 12×4.50 12.5×4,25 12 3/4×4 14×4.5 15×5 16×5 22x7x17 3/4 23 1/2×7 1/2 25×6 3/4×21 1/4 31x6x10 33x6x11

S-321 Scissor Lift Tyres are rugged and safe for rough terrain. Available in multiple sizes, they carry people, tools, and materials to high places, improving efficiency and safety in inaccessible areas. The tyres prevent accidents on uneven or muddy ground, benefiting workers. They come in sizes like 12x4x8 to 33x6x11.