landmax tyre

Agricultural Trailer Tyre LM-517


For trailers, tankers and spreaders.

Its resistant structure provides excellent traction and perfect grip even in bends and when maneuvering.

The particular tread design ensures excellent grip on any kind of terrain in addition to enhanced self-cleaning features.

Tyre Size:  16.5/70-18, 15.5/65-18

The Agricultural Trailer Tyre LM-517 is an excellent choice for trailers, tankers, and spreaders. This tyre is built with a resistant structure that offers great traction and grip, even when manoeuvring or taking bends. Its tread design ensures excellent grip on any terrain and provides enhanced self-cleaning features. This tyre is available in two different sizes: 16.5/70-18 and 15.5/65-18 making it versatile for various agricultural vehicles. It is a dependable tyre that guarantees excellent performance and durability, giving you maximum value for your money. Whether transporting heavy loads or manoeuvring through tough terrains, this tyre is built to meet the demands of your agricultural needs.