landmax tyre

Multi Purpose Tyre LM512


All terrain traction tire features a tread pattern designed for on and off road use in all weather conditions.

The tire’s tread pattern was designed to provide excellent traction to the drive wheels, but can also be used in both implement, industrial and construction applications.

It designed with a lugged tread for enhanced traction and stability, a great utility tire for a variety of equipment and functions.

The LM-512 tire features a heavy ply rating casing which improves stability, increases load carrying capacity and enhances puncture resistance.

Tyre Size:  10.5/80-18,12.5/80-18,12.5/80-18

Multi Purpose Tyre LM512 designed to withstand tough conditions for mixed on- and off-road use. With a flexible carcass and wide inflation pressure range, these tires are perfect for high-speed on-road and rough ground off-road operations. They exhibit remarkable traction properties and have excellent grip on all types of surfaces. In addition, their self-cleaning feature helps handle snow, ice, sand, mud, and loamy soil. Moreover, these tires allow for carrying high loads and speeds due to the special steel-reinforced tread, strong sidewalls, and flexible carcass. Owing to their ability to deal with unpredictable operating conditions, they are ideal for rescue vehicles and multi-purpose vehicles. LM512 are also suitable for construction applications, road maintenance, and general usage. These tires are commonly used on small earth movers, pickup trucks, brushfighter trucks, compact wheel loaders, and other small construction equipment.