landmax tyre

Articulated Truck Tyre LMX116 (E3)

Articulated Truck Tyre Features:

  • With the comprehensive and stable tread
  • Excellent traction and adhesion

Designed to deliver exceptional operator comfort for articulated trucks.

Tyre Size: 600/65R25, 650/65R25, 750/65R25, 850/65R25, 875/65R29, 16.00R25

Whether your rig requires 600/65R25, 650/65R25, 750/65R25, 850/65R25, 875/65R29 or 16.00R25 sizes, LMX116 (E3) tires smooth out vibrations to keep operators feeling fresh all shift. A comprehensive, stable tread offers top-tier traction and adhesion for variable job sites. You’ll gain optimised control no matter the terrain challenges or weather conditions. Please contact us to outfit your fleet with tires tailored for maximised uptime. Reliable rubber means more loads hauled per day and projects staying under budget. Boost efficiency with rugged tires made to conquer challenging worksites in comfort.

We’ve incorporated the specified tire sizes upfront for emphasis on the wide size range. Highlighting how they enable maximum tire life, control and productivity underscores their value. As before, please provide feedback on how we can improve promoting these advantages to heavy equipment customers.