Landmax Tyre - Landmax Tyre

ATV Tyre QD-511

ATV tyres Features:

  • Suitable for ATV/UTV
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Great traction in both mixed and hard-packed terrains

Tyre Size: AT22*10-10 (250/60-10) AT23*7-10 (180/90-10)

ATV Tyre

  • Used for All Terrain Vehicle and Utility Terrain Vehicle.
  • Deep pattern, excellent resistance to damage, extended tyre life, good grasping and traction in harsh conditions.
  • ATV/UTV tires are suitable in the desert and on lawn/garden/regular roads.

Whether you use your ATV as a powerful workhorse or a fast-flying, trail-riding machine, Landmax has the ATV tires you need to maximize its power and functionality. We have a vast selection of four-wheeler tires in various tread patterns specific to the terrain you’ll be riding on – dirt, sand, mud or snow.