landmax tyre

Compactor Tire R-3


  • Wide Section for reasonable flotation force and steering ability
  • Unique for desert transportation and road compactor application.

Tyre Size: 23.1-26

The Compactor Tire R-3 is used for desert transportation and road compaction. Thanks to its wide section, it can be used in different terrains, which helps with flotation and steering. The tire size is 23.1-26 and can be used with most compactor models that use pneumatic rubber tires, making it better than other tires with solid shapes that don’t work well on uneven surfaces. This tire also works well with tire roller compactors and has a long lifespan, so it can be cost-effective for companies that use compactors regularly. Overall, the Compactor Tire R-3 is a reliable and durable tire for transportation and compaction needs, providing excellent performance and value for money.