landmax tyres

Crane Tire LMX126 (IND4)


  • Deep tread heavy duty radial construction
  • Optimum design for sidewall stability
  • Industrial application compound and construction.

Like cranes and Forklifts.

Tyre Size: 12.00R24, 16.00RR25, 18.00R25, 18.00R33

When tasks call for maximising uptime through severe conditions, upgrading your fleet’s tires is a strategic move to boost the bottom line. Please contact us to transform equipment performance with our commercial grade rubber solution.

Built to absorb punishment cycle after cycle, our industrial-application tires feature:

  • Deep tread optimised for impacts on rocky, muddy or rugged terrain that would cripple lesser rubber. Equipment glides with stability.
  • Reinforced construction withstands vibrations, protecting components for longer lifetimes even in punishing temperatures or situations.
  • Stable, reinforced sidewalls with absolute control for lifting and shifting heavy payloads. Excavators and cranes work with confidence.

You’ll gain a competitive edge completing more job sites without delays from weather issues or downtime, thanks to continuously reliable handling. Customers see results and return to your name for future projects.

Impact resistance and durability lower total costs versus frequent replacements. Please contact me today to start logging more billable hours with first-rate tires constructed for commercial-grade success. Your fleet deserves the advantage.