Mobile Crane Tires LMX103 (E2)

Crane Tires Features:

The aggressive, self-cleaning tread design provides excellent traction in harsh, demanding applications.

Reduced wheel spin & improved traction;

Excellent resistance to damage;

Improved operator comfort; Self-cleaning tread; Low road noise, and reduced vibration.

Tyre Size: 14.00R25(385/95R24),14.00R25(385/95R25), 16.00R25(445/95R25),20.5R25(525/80R25)

What is the advantage of mobile crane tire?

Mobile crane tires lift heavy objects and transport and place significant materials in industrial and construction applications. They do not require other machinery of power to function. Several mobile cranes, such as rough terrain cranes, truck-mounted cranes and all-terrain cranes, are used on almost all surfaces. Due to these several surfaces and heavy loads mobile carry, Landmax mobile crane tires can meet these requirements.