landmax tyre

Deep Tread Backhoe Tyre LM408


  • The specially designed strength carcass provides high-load operation protection in all weather.
  • A wide sidewall could protect the carcass like an iron rampart.
  • Border tread profile for better land ratio.
  • Anti-ageing formula is to provide extended wear life.

Tyre Size: 10-16.5, 12-16.5

The LM408 backhoe tyre is solid and rigid and can handle all sorts of weather. The way it is built means it can take a lot of weight without getting damaged, and the sides are wide to protect against bumps. The tread on the tyre is designed to help you keep traction and balance when driving on rough or uneven ground, and it won’t wear out too quickly because of the unique material used in the tyre. You can get this tyre in two sizes, and it will work great for you if you need one that can handle a lot of work without getting worn out.