landmax tyre

Dump Truck Tyre LMX120 (E4)

Dump Truck Tyre Features:

🚛 Pattern designed for trucks

🚀 Provide excellent protection at high speed

🎯 Long tyre life in harsh conditions

🔰 Excellent resistance to damage

🛠️ Suitable for many working conditions

Tyre Size: 18.00R25, 18.00R33, 21.00R33

Whether you need 18.00R25, 18.00R33 or massive 21.00R33 tires, our LMX120 (E4) dump truck rubber is engineered to dominate off-road hauling. Designed for variable-speed zones, they protect your rig at highway speeds yet boast resilience through punishing job sites. You’ll gain their excellent puncture and cut resistance regardless of terrain challenges. Harsh conditions won’t slow their durable longevity either – they’ll outlast multiple tough jobs. Outfit your fleet with tires optimised to conquer gruelling hauls in any condition. Contact us to boost your capacity with sizes to fill your giant dump trucks efficiently and safely.