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Earthmover Tyres LMX208

Earthmover Tyres Features:

  • Designed for use on large dump trucks on abraisive roads such as rocky.
  • Gravel or packed surfaces.
  • Low rolling resistance and cooler operating.

Tyre Size: 40.00R57  46/90R57 50/80R57

Tyre Type: Tubeless

The Earthmover Tyres LMX208 is a specially made tyre for big dump trucks that drive on rough roads such as rocky, gravel, or smooth roads. They are tough and made to last even if they get used in tough conditions. These tyres use less fuel because they don’t create a lot of friction which means they can work for a longer time. These tyres also work well in hot and sticky places. They come in different sizes: 40.00R57, 46/90R57, and 50/80R57, and can be used without a tube inside, preventing punctures and saving money on fixing them. These tyres are good for use in mining, road building, and quarry operations.