landmax tyre

Excavator Tyre LM514


* Road-oriented and agro-industrial tire
* Suitable for excavators and compact loaders
* Provides good traction
* Exhibits excellent self-cleaning properties
* Applicable in all operating conditions

Tyre Size:  8.25-20,9.00-20,10.00-20

The LM514 Excavator Tyre is a versatile tire suitable for excavators and compact loaders. It has been designed to offer excellent traction and self-cleaning properties in all operating conditions, making it an ideal option for road-oriented and agro-industrial applications. Available in various sizes, including 8.25-20, 9.00-20, and 10.00-20, this tire is well-suited to multiple vehicles and operating environments. It features a tread pattern optimised for maximum grip and stability, even on uneven surfaces, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. Whether using your excavator or compact loader in agricultural or construction environments, the LM514 Excavator Tyre is reliable and versatile.