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Foam Fill Tyre CRT201A for Boom Lift

What is foam fill tyre work?

Introducing our innovative foam-filled tyres to enhance your construction or external environment project operations. Here are some benefits of using our foam-filled tyres:

  • Downtime prevention: Forget about deflated or punctured pneumatic tires that cause unplanned downtime in your operations.
  • Smooth manoeuvrings’: Our foam-filled tyres will allow your boom lift truck operators to move around seamlessly in rough and harsh terrains, boosting their productivity
  • Increased safety: With an added weight to your boom lift truck, our foam-filled tyres will contribute to a more stable operation, a significant safety aspect, particularly in bumpy or uneven surfaces
  • Consistent performance: Our foam-filled tyres are designed and tested according to the manufacturer’s recommendation to deliver predictable and reliable performance consistently.
  • Cost-effective: Our foam-filled tyres have little to no maintenance needs, saving you from regular costs compared to pneumatic tires. They are long-lasting, delivering a cost-effective solution for your operations.

Our foam-filled tyres are the perfect addition to your project equipment. Choose the right size today and experience a seamless operation.

Foam-filled tires are more helpful in external environments. They will save you many maintenance costs and offer more stability and less downtime.

Foam Fill Tyre Features

  • Flat Poof
  • Operators are comfortable, with no bumpy terrains in rough environments.
  • No need for tyre maintenance costs; the lifter’ is workable on fully day

Tyre Sizes: 10-16.5, 12-16.5, 305-546(12-22.5)A, 305-546(12-22.5)B, 305-546(12-21.5)A, 305-546(12-21.5)B ,14-17.5, 385/65D19.5 (15-19.5), 445/65D19.5(18-19.5), 33×15.5-16.5