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Foam Fill Tyre CRT201A for Boom Lift


Downtime prevention: Foam-filled tyres prevent unplanned downtime caused by deflated or punctured tyres.
Smooth manoeuvrings: Foam-filled tyres allow boom lift truck operators to move seamlessly in rough terrains, increasing productivity.
Increased safety: Foam-filled tyres add weight to the boom lift truck, enhancing stability and safety, especially on bumpy or uneven surfaces.
Consistent performance: Foam-filled tyres are designed and tested to deliver predictable and reliable performance as recommended by the manufacturer.
Cost-effective: Foam-filled tyres require little to no maintenance, resulting in cost savings compared to pneumatic tyres. They are also long-lasting, providing a cost-effective solution for operations.

Tyre Sizes: 10-16.5, 12-16.5, 305-546(12-22.5)A, 305-546(12-22.5)B, 305-546(12-21.5)A, 305-546(12-21.5)B ,14-17.5, 385/65D19.5 (15-19.5), 445/65D19.5(18-19.5), 33×15.5-16.5

Available Type: Black and Non-Marking

What is foam fill tyre work?

Foam Fill Tyre CRT201A is ideal for high-lifting trucks. Avoid unexpected stops and keep working on bumpy ground easily because of its reliable and well-designed features. Save money on maintenance and tire replacements with long-lasting tires. Available in black and Non-Marking in various sizes.