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Foam Fill Tyre H01 for Boom Lift Truck


  • The specially designed strength carcass provides high-load operation protection in all weather.
  •  A border sidewall could protect carcasses like an iron rampart.
  • Broder tread profiles for better land ratio.
  • Anti-ageing formula is to provide extended wear life.

Tyre Sizes: 240/55D17.5

Foam Filled Tyre H01 Revolutionizing Boom Lift Truck Operations

The Foam Fill Tyre H01 is a strong and long-lasting option for boom lift trucks. Its tough carcass and sidewall provide extra protection, while the tread profile gives better grip on rough or slippery surfaces. This tyre lasts a long time, and comes in the size 240/55D17.5. It’s perfect for bumpy or smooth ground, and for your specific needs.