landmax tyre

Foam Fill Tyre M01 for Boom Lift Truck


  • Weight & Balance: The tires are designed to weigh the same as foam-filled tires, providing extreme stability for the aerial lift regardless of the height.
  • Anti-Vibration Tread Pattern: This feature allows for a comfortable ride over rough terrain by reducing uncomfortable vibrations.
  • Easy Serviceability: Simple repairs can be performed with basic tools, making maintenance more straightforward.
  • In-house Rubber Compound: Durability is a critical factor, and the tires are made with a proprietary rubber and a special geometry core hole design for longevity
  • Safety: By eliminating the risk of sudden tire deflation, foam-filled tires contribute to a safer workplace for operators and bystanders.

Tyre Sizes: 9-14.5

Available Type: Blacek and Non-Marking

The Foam Fill Tyre M01 is perfect for boom lift trucks – lightweight, balanced, and stable. It has a vibration-stopping tread pattern for a smoother ride, along with excellent durability and low-maintenance. The tyres come in various sizes and colours, and they never suddenly deflate, ensuring safety. It’s an excellent choice for your boom lift truck!