landmax tyre

Foam Fill Tyre RIB for Boom Lift


  • Directional tread lugs with excellent traction on loose ground, soft soil and sand with self-cleaning action.
  • Eliminates downtime due to punctures in external and construction environments
  • Facilitates easy manoeuvring of boom lifter in rough environments
  • Increases the efficiency of boom lift truck operators
  • Adds weight to the boom lift truck for increased stability during operation
  • Safeguards the safety of boom lift truck operators in rough and bumpy terrains
  • Consistent air pressure guarantees predictable results and performance
  • Requires less maintenance compared to pneumatic tires for cost savings
  • Long-lasting for extended use and durability

Tyre Sizes:  26×12-16.5,  26x12D380,  23×10.5-360


Foam Fill Tyre R1B is designed for boom lifts, with gripping parts for soft ground and reduced damage. The foam in the tire reduces maintenance and enhances performance. Available in 26×12-16.5, 26x12D380, and 23×10.5-360 sizes.