landmax tyre

Foam Fill Tyre TRC05 for Boom Lift Truck

10.5/80-18, 12.5/80-18

What is foam fill tyre work?

  • Foam fill tyres are filled with a unique foam material that replaces the air typically found in traditional tyres.
  • Foam fill tyres will not leak or deflate, allowing you to avoid the cost of tyre repairs and replacements.
  • Foam fill tyres are popular for heavy-duty equipment due to their durability and long-lasting properties.
  • Foam fill tyres provide increased stability, better traction, and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Foam fill tyres can be a solution for those tired of dealing with flat tyres.

Foam-filled tires are more helpful in external environments. They will save you many maintenance costs and offer more stability and less downtime.

Foam Fill Tyre Features

  • Flat Poof
  • Operators are comfortable, with no bumpy terrains in rough environments.
  • No need for tyre maintenance costs; the lifter’ is workable on fully day

Tyre Sizes: 10.5/80-18, 12.5/80-18