landmax tyre

Foam Fill Tyres RIB for Boom Lift

  • Rib Tread: Fuel cost save and smooth run on in-door work.
  • Weight & Balance: The tires are designed to weigh the same as foam-filled tires, providing extreme stability for the aerial lift regardless of the height.
  • Anti-Vibration Tread Pattern: This feature allows for a comfortable ride over rough terrain by reducing uncomfortable vibrations1.
  • Easy Serviceability: Simple repairs can be performed with essential tools, making maintenance more straightforward.
  • In-house Rubber Compound: Durability is a critical factor, and the tires are made with a proprietary rubber and a unique geometry core hole design for longevity.


Tyre Sizes: 9-14.5

Available Type: Black and Non-Marking

Foam-filled tyres with ribbed treads are perfect for boom lifts as they save fuel, provide a smooth ride, and maintain stability at great heights. They are comfortable and easy to fix with simple tools, and also come in different sizes and colours. Opting for these tyres guarantees you an easy-to-maintain lift with a smooth ride.