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Foam Filled Tyre R4 for Boom Lift

Foam Fill Tyre Features

  • Flat Poof
  • Operators are comfortable, with no bumpy terrains in rough environments.
  • No need for tyre maintenance costs; the lifter’ is workable on fully day

Tyre Sizes: 385/65D22.5 (15-22.5), 385/65D22.5 (15-22.5), 445/65D22.5 (18-22.5), 355/55D625 (14-24.5), 385/45-28, 385/50D625 (15-625), 445/45D625(18-625)A, 385/50D625 (15-625)B, 445/45D625(18-625)B, 445/50D710 (18-710), 315/55D20A, 39×15-22.5B, 39×15-22.5, 840×15.5-510, 240/55D17.5, 36x14D22.5

Looking for a tire solution that will save you time and money while increasing efficiency and safety? Look no further than the R4 foam fill tires! Here are some benefits of choosing R4 foam fill tires for your Boom lift:

– Say goodbye to downtime due to punctures from rough terrain or construction sites
– Improved manoeuvrability for Boom lift operators thanks to increased stability in rough environments
– Increased safety for Boom lift operators as the added weight of the foam fill tires ensures more stability during operation
– Consistent performance due to the manufacturer’s recommended air pressure levels
– Reduced maintenance costs and increased longevity compared to pneumatic tires, allowing for more cost-effective operation.

Investing in R4 foam fill tires is the intelligent choice for any business or individual looking to maximise efficiency and minimise downtime while also ensuring the safety of their operators.

Tyre size: 385/65D22.5, 385/65D22.5, 445/65D22.5, 355/55D625, 385/45-28 385/50D625,  445/45D625, 385/50D625,  445/45D625, 445/50D710 , 315/55D20A, 39×15-22.5B, 39×15-22.5, 840×15.5-510, 240/55D17.5