landmax tyre

Forestry Flotation Tyre LM-605A


  • The high-flotation forestry tire with deep tread and large ground contact area can provide excellent traction.
  • The carcass design with stronger fibre or steel belt protection gives superior resistance to punctures.

Tyre Size: 67×34.00-25, 67×34.00-26, 66×43.00-25, 66×43.00-26

The Forestry Flotation Tyre LM-605A is a remarkable tire, specially crafted to perform to the best of its abilities in forests. Its durable design and robust structure allow it to perform remarkably under extreme conditions. Its deep treads, touch the ground in a perfect alignment, providing excellent traction. The tire’s impressive grip remains unaltered, allowing you to navigate with ease even in the most challenging terrains. Its additional protection strengthens the tire, making it difficult to break or puncture. With four different sizes to choose from, you can undoubtedly find one suitable for your specific needs. Get your hands on this exceptional tire if you are looking for a reliable solution to perform exceptionally well in forests while lasting for an extended period.