landmax tyre

Forestry Flotation Tyres LM-609


  • The high flotation forestry tyres, with extensive ground contact area, a low-pressure ratio on the ground and less damage to soil and sapling.
  • Tread bars at certain angles give good self-cleaning action and excellent traction and are side slippage-proof.
  • Its carcass design, steel belt, and more robust fibre protection provide the best puncture resistance.
  • The deeper tread design and cut-resistant tread compound give extended tire life.

Tyre Size: 66×43.00-25, 66×43.00-26, DH73x44.00-32, DH73x50.00-32, 78×45.00-32

The Forestry Flotation Tyres LM-609 have been engineered to cater to the demands of forestry machines that require superior traction and flotation without causing harm to the soil and young trees. These tyres feature a larger ground contact area and low-pressure ratio, which results in better flotation and reduced soil compaction. Including tread bars and varying angles ensures the tyres have excellent self-cleaning action and remarkable traction. Additional features such as steel belts, robust fibre protection, and deeper tread increase the puncture resistance of the tyres. To extend the life of the tyres, the tread compound has been specially designed to be cut-resistant. Selecting the appropriate tyre size from the available options, such as 66 43-25, 66 43-26, 73 44-32, 73 50-32, and 78 45-32, can remarkably optimise the performance of your forestry machine, particularly in diverse terrains and operation conditions.