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Forestry Tire For Logger LM-603A


1. The external angle of the lugs gives you increased pull force.
2. An open tread pattern results in good-self cleaning.
3. The maximum tread width distributes the machine’s power across the tyre.
4. The pattern minimizes slippage and enables maximum utilization of the power of the engine.

Tyre Size: 600/50-22.5,700/45-22.5,600/55-26.5,700/50-26.5,800/40-26.5,23.1-26,28L-26,30.5L-32

The Forestry Tire for Logger LM-603A has been designed to enhance the performance of logging machines. Its external lug angle feature delivers improved pull force, allowing the device to move quickly even in challenging terrains. The open tread pattern guarantees excellent self-cleaning, preventing debris accumulation and reducing the chances of losing traction on slippery surfaces. The tread’s maximum width allows for even power distribution across the tire and prevents surface damage caused by the equipment’s weight. This pattern significantly reduces slippage, maximising the engine’s power utilisation while keeping the tire in top condition. The Forestry Tire for Logger LM-603A is available in several sizes, including 600 50-22.5, 700 45-22.5, and more, making it appropriate for various logging machines.