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Forestry Tyre For Muskeg LM-610



  • The ultimate in flotation tires, proven in an extensive four-year test by the forestry industries of Canada and the United States.
  • In some of the world’s worst forestry operating conditions, “THE MUSKEG OF NORTHERN CANADA”!
  • The super muskeg and swamper tires have proven to operate where and when no tyre has done before.
  • The advantages are not just tire manufacturers’ claims but proven facts.
  • Increased production, lower rolling resistance, higher travelling speeds, increased operator riding comfort, energy savings (20%~70% depending on ground conditions), reduced soil compaction (better regeneration), reduced damage to roots of standing trees, longer tire life, no bogging down and higher utilisation of machine productivity.


Tyre Size: 68×50.00-32

The Forestry Tyre for Muskeg LM-610 is the ultimate flotation tire, having been tested for four years by Canadian and American forestry industries in the harsh conditions of the swamps and muskegs of Northern Canada. The tire has proven to be the only tire capable of operating in such extreme conditions, offering a range of advantages, including increased production, lower rolling resistance, higher traveling speeds, operator comfort, energy savings, reduced soil compaction, reduced damage to trees, longer tire life, and higher machine productivity utilisation. With a size of 68 50.00-32, the LM-610 has exceptional flotation capabilities and can enhance the performance of forestry machinery by reducing the effect of the terrain on them. The Muskeg Tyre offers proven facts rather than manufacturer’s claims, making it a desirable option for forestry operators in challenging environments.